While you really don't need much to do these practices, there are a few things I'd recommend that can enhance your experience.

  • Props: Yoga mat, blocks, strap

**If you don't have blocks and a strap, you can improvise with something like a can of soup for a block or towel/belt for a strap.

  • Journal/notebook
  • Your favorite essential oil, incense or smudge for opening your senses and clearing energy

A couple other things to note...

***Please remember, this is not intended feel like you're just adding more to your plate. There's no need to put extra pressure or expectations on yourself. If you are not able to get to all of these practices right away, that's okay! Shoot for at least one piece per week to start clearing the path. Come back to why you signed up. Hold yourself with love. Keep coming back.***

***Physical exertion: As mentioned before, there will be a lot of variation. Some practices will be more active than others. Take your time. Listen to your body. Go slow. You don't have to push or prove anything. Experiment. Try. And also respect your body and where you are each day.***

***I am REALLY impressed you're still with me. ;) That was a lot of reading. Thank you again. Enjoy!***

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