There are several components and elements to this series. Here is a little outline for your weekly content.

  • Movement practices - Each week you will have a new 10, 30 and 75 minute video to work with. These will vary in exertion level and focus. I encourage you to try them all.
  • Meditation - You will also receive a weekly guided meditation video. These will be approximately 15 minutes in length and include breath work. You can do these practices on their own or combine them with one of the movement or journalling practices.
  • Journaling - I really encourage you to commit some time each week for a deep dive to witness, reflect, and write your thoughts. It doesn't have to be pretty. It doesn't have to make sense. The words don't need to come easily. Each week, there will be a series of new reflection prompts to help pull out out, develop, and process your thoughts and insights.
  • Weekly Focus - Each week will have a slightly different focus. Week One is geared toward centering and clearing. Week Two is for more opening and grounding. Week Three is embodying gratitude and offering back out.
  • Playlists - This is another fun bonus to enhance your practice. Check it out and see if the vibe fits what you're looking for. I highly recommend a Spotify premium account. They offer a free trial for their Premium plan. https://www.spotify.com/

Ufta, is that all? ;) Please let me know if you have any questions.

See you soon.

Lots of love,


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