Hello. Welcome! I am so happy you decided to join this online practice series. This group is made up of friends, clients, past students, and even a couple of you that I haven't met yet. Thank you for signing up and showing up! I am so honored and excited to share this time and space with you and look forward to the ways we will connect.

We are all here and in this together and I invite you to simply begin where you are - each breath, each movement, each challenge, each pause, each insight. The real power is in showing up and carving out space to practice embodying your grounded and grateful presence. Allow yourself to open, center, explore, and make this your own.

My vision and intention

To stay connected with a grateful heart. To remember and come home to that sacred seat of love. To be full of joy and gratitude, without bypassing or placating the challenges of living in this time and space. It is so simple and so right here. We can do this together. We deserve this. And not in a selfish ego way. When we connect with the flow of life and love, there is more in the world. We embody, and the charge gets stronger. As we attune, clear, and charge our energy fields with grounded loving awareness, it sends a shock wave along all the threads of our lives. And we are all connected. Each of us doing this work of honoring and embodying is a sacred gift and privilege that benefits all our relations.

What is your vision? What is your intention?

Thank you, again, for being here. Let's stay connected.

Lots of love,


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